Increasing the Value of Your Home

Here are some tips for increasing the value of your home without blowing through all of your savings!

1| Make a First Impression

A good first impression should always happen in the entryway of your home! When guests enter your house, they will subconsciously begin processing the design and form of your space. First impressions matter!

Your entryway should be an accurate representation of who you are as a homeowner. Design your entryway with your personality and preferences in mind. Research different design themes and ideas so that you can give your guests a great first impression of who you are and how you live. Click here for some design ideas!


2| Add Backsplash to Your Kitchen

You don’t have to completely gut-out your kitchen to increase its value! Kitchen backsplash can be installed for as little as $200-$600. Backsplash materials may include tile, stainless steel, glass, or granite installed on the wall space between a countertop and cabinet. Consider multiple options when choosing a backsplash. Consider also the color of your flooring and appliances when choosing your material.

3| Creative Storage

We always need storage… ALWAYS! One creative alternative for storing all that extra kitchenware is having a built-in wet bar. Transform that awkward pantry in your house into a wet bar that displays your glassware and wine bottles. Give it some extra value by installing a slab of granite countertop, tile backsplash, and a glass door cabinet that displays your glassware.

4| Upgrade Your Outdoors

Adding a wooden deck to your home will give you the second largest return on your investment (the largest return would be adding a two-part addition to your home). For those of you with a large backyard, consider utilizing your empty lawn by adding a deck. According to Remodeling magazine, homeowners who installed a 16-by-20-foot pressure-treated wooden deck onto their house recouped an average of 85.4% of the cost of the project!

5| Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans… Really? Yep. No joke. Although they were previously used only as a cheap alternative to A/C, ceiling fans have evolved into an essential element in the modern home. Few things bring down the appearance of an attractive room quicker than an outdated ceiling fan from the 90s. If your ceiling fans are outdated, buying a few modern fans can work wonders for your outdated rooms.

6| Upgrade Your Shower’s Tile-work

Remember when every stand-alone shower used to look like this? The heavy sliding door… the “timeless” white square tiling… the never-ending collection of mildew and calcium deposits. We have come a long way in the category of shower design!

As a homeowner, consider the option of investing in a custom tile design for your stand-alone shower. Custom tiling can increase the value of your home, AND potential homebuyers love having custom tile designs in their master bathroom.