Dream Kitchen “Must-Haves”

With the holiday season already upon us, it is that special time of year when homeowners are disillusioned by the design and layout of their kitchens. The holiday season means hours upon hours of prepping, cooking, hosting, and feasting. Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the most utilized room in the home, but a kitchen’s traffic flow grows exponentially during the holidays!

We at JK Construction Group understand that our homeowners are on a tight home-improvement budget, so unfortunately this blog entry will NOT be very helpful! But let’s just pretend that money didn’t exist… And let’s take a look at some of the latest “Dream Kitchen Must-Haves” that would take your Holiday Host(ess) status to the next level!

(***This post is intended to be sarcastic and does not reflect the opinions/views of JK Construction Group. If your home-kitchen actually has these features, then please know that we are all genuinely jealous***)


1 |  Single Dish Drawers

With the latest design in eco-friendly dishwasher drawers, you will no longer need to wait several days for your oversized dishwasher to fill up! The latest models of single dish drawers claim to use less than 2 gallons of water per cycle. Imagine the convenience of not having to trip over those bulky dishwasher doors this holiday season!


2 |  Deep Kitchen Drawers

Deep Kitchen Drawers- the greatest invention since the cabinet door. Homeowners these days want accessibility to anything and everything, so why should your kitchen storage be any different?? Wow your holiday guests this season with oversized kitchen drawers that could also double-up as a spare guest bedroom!


3 |  Stove Faucet

Are you sick and tired of carrying that pot of water from the kitchen sink all the way over to the stove? The average person has to walk an entire 5 FEET to complete this risky task! Imagine all of the dangerous scenarios that could play out during your next trek. Please folks, don’t risk it this holiday season… get a Stove Faucet. Stove Faucets are a great feature for men to enjoy using once every three weeks when making spaghetti alone while the wife is out of town on business.


4 |  Prep sink

“Why would I ever want to rinse of my veggies in the same sink I rinse off my fruit???” Let me tell you folks, if I had a dime… As if already having an extra faucet above your stove wasn’t enough, every homeowner needs a third, tiny faucet for rinsing those brussels sprouts that no one wants to touch this holiday season. All of your extended family will be veggie green with envy as they watch you, your aunt, and your uncle using three different kitchen faucets simultaneously!